Pizza is probably going to show up on the favourite food lists of a lot of people. It’s an international treat that has grown far beyond its origins in Italy. There’s debate on what makes the best possible pizza or what style is the most flavorful.

However, there is one area where there is little to no debate. If you’re looking for an experience that is authentic to the Italian original, you must use woodfired pizza catering Perth. These types of ovens bring out a depth of flavour that no other method can match.

Why woodfire ovens, though? What makes them so special?

Wood-burning ovens are ancient methods. They’ve been around for a few hundred years now, and they’re one of the most tested ways to prepare food. Experts have found that there are advantages to using these to cook pizzas, as well as other foods.

Here’s a quick breakdown of just what makes wood ovens the best choice.

For starters, pizza cooks faster and more evenly in these ovens. It’s a great way to turn the pies into convenience food for the busy without compromising on flavour.

On average, the typical woodfire oven will get the job done in less than an hour. You only need 20 minutes to preheat, plus an additional ten to fifteen to bake. This is quick and effective, cutting into the time needed to cook. If you’re going with a thinner crust, you can bake even faster.

These types of ovens also boost the flavour of any food.

Wood-fired ovens produce a significant difference in taste. The cooking is enhanced because the distribution of heat is even. The wood also imparts a smoky flavour to the food that can’t be replicated by other means. The combination results in a delicate shift in taste that’s undeniable and excellent.

These ovens also help the food retain nutrients as you cook.

Cooking vegetables in wood-fired oven aid in retaining nutrients and antioxidants that are typically lost otherwise. A longer cooking process tends to deprive the food of these contents, reducing overall nutritional value. A wood-fired oven’s speed avoids this problem.

Wood-fired ovens are also flexible. They’re not just limited to preparing pizzas.

You can use these ovens to bake bread, which was their primary function for most of history. The interior is also excellent for roasting meats and vegetables. All of this is done with the same smoky flavour and consistency of heat distribution that a pizza gets.

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