One of the greatest dilemmas for people who are planning an event is what type of food is the best to serve for attendees. There are so many great choices for food items in catering which can make narrowing down the menu a little difficult.

In fact, food choice is often one of the biggest dilemmas for event coordinators and planners. When trying to decide which food items work best for catering an event, it is best to try to narrow the list to items that are the most universally appealing for all the people attending the event.

Choosing Pizza for Event Catering

When it comes to choosing great food that is universal, Italian food is considered one of the most widely enjoyed foods by people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. In the Italian food’s category, there are a host of wonderful food items that are perfect for catering. However, at the top of the list for a more casual catering atmosphere would be pizza. Pizza is well known to be one of America’s most favorite foods. In fact, Americans consume an average of 3 billion pizzas annually with the country noted as the top pizza consumer in the world.

woodfired pizza catering

Using mobile pizza catering for an event is the perfect catering solution for many different types of events. It offers a great amount of diversity for event planners and is considered one of the most balanced food items for catering. Pizza carries all the basic food group categories, provides a significant amount of nutrition and is an obvious palate favorite.

No matter what the pizza combination is, the base offers grains, vegetables, dairy and protein as a staple. Depending on the toppings, the category of food groups can expand considerably. This is what makes pizza such a remarkable food. It is well known as the food lover’s food and is both nutritious and delicious.

While there are a wide variety of choices in freshly baked pizza types, one of the most well-loved is brick oven style pizza. Part of this is because of the fresh, robust flavor that brick oven cooking helps to create. The open flame allows for wonderful cooking consistency and helps make the crust lighter and a bit crispy. Wood fired pizza is widely considered a flavor favorite.

For people who are looking for wood fire pizza catering prices pizza catering, understanding the crowd that is to be served is important. Because the toppings on a pizza can vary significantly, choosing toppings that offer the most universal appeal is best. Having several vegetables, meat, and vegetable-meat combo pizzas as well as plain cheese options will make the catered food diverse enough for all attendees.

For businesses and event coordinators, using mobile pizza catering for an event provides an easy alternative without any need to provide a food preparation area. Additionally, pizza requires few utensils for attendees to worry about, is an easy event preparation food item and offers an easy no hassle clean up. When it comes to cost, wood fire pizza catering prices pizza catering is one of the least expensive items for event planners to choose.

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