Cheese is a big part of a pizza. There are also a lot of choices when it comes to types of cheese. When it comes to pizza catering Perth, what are the best cheeses to use?

Well, let’s take a look at the options available. We’ll also go over what properties each one has, and what they might add or take away from a pizza. This includes factors like the elasticity, moisture, and baking temperature of the cheese.

Cheese Choices

There’s mozzarella, perhaps the most typical cheese of choice. It is light and creamy, and what many consider the best choice.

Mozzarella can either be high-moisture or low-moisture. High-moisture variants tend to have a shorter shelf life, so if you get it you need to use it on the same day. The other variant lasts longer, but is also saltier and has a denser flavour. However, it melts more readily.

Another option would be cheddar cheese. Sharp-tasting, it’s actually rarely used on pizza.

However, cheddar doesn’t blister easily. A sharp cheddar, one with an orange tint, can be a good choice. It’s best used on specialized pizzas, like a cheeseburger or chicken bacon ranch. Otherwise, it’s a subpar selection.

Parmesan is also a good choice, but only as a garnish. Sprinkle it over a pizza as a topping, rather than the cheese base.

Gouda is also a choice. This is best for a pizza that has a barbecue or pork on it. This type of cheese is semi-hard but has a nice, smooth texture and a flavour that is unique to itself. This can the right pizza a unique flavour.

Ricotta isn’t a common choice, but for white sauce rather than tomato sauce, it’s on the menu. Ricotta will likely work best mixed with mozzarella, fontina, and gorgonzola.

In terms of other toppings, you need to include something hearty. Shrimp or chicken are among the best choices. You’ll likely see this type of cheese used in the Margherita, Napoletana, and Parma prosciutto.

Finally, there is the goat cheese option.

This is hard and doesn’t soften option. A few bits of it can help, adding a savoury flavour to each bite. It also pairs well with caramelized onions and peppers, or figs. Otherwise, it’s not easy to use on a pizza effectively.

Of course, nothing is stopping you from mixing and matching the cheeses. Just be sure you take the time to understand the various flavours and properties, rather than just tossing them together and hoping you get something good.

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