When you run a catering business, whether it’s the best pizza catering Perth has to offer or any other cuisine, the food is the most important thing. With that in mind, just what are the secrets to making a better, superior pizza?

There’s no one secret. Like any good food, there’s a number of factors that make a pizza successful and delicious. Let’s break down a few of these elements.

It’s All About the Crust

In any home, a good foundation is essential. This is true for a pizza. If you have a good dough, then you’re going to do well. You’ve got a solid foundation that you can build off of.

For that, you’ll need the patience to make the crust, a reliable recipe, and the skill needed to make a good ball of dough. Every pizza crust starts from a ball that eventually becomes that plat pie base we all know and love. If you don’t know how to make one right, that’s a problem.

Stretching the dough is also an integral step.

Stretching the dough on a table or in the air are both valid options. In fact, the table method is preferable if you’re not very good at tossing the pizza into the air to let it spread. Whatever method you choose, though, be quick about it.

Pizza isn’t meant to take long. Once you’ve got the dough spread out, start working fast to get the toppings on it.

If you’re shoving it into an oven on a shovel, you’ll need to be fast. The sauce can penetrate the dough and stick to the substrate if you’re not quick enough. If you’re making the pizza in a pan, then you’re not under any pressure to hurry.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The oven is critical for making a good pizza.

Electrical ovens are cheap, at a consistent temperature. If you’re looking to make a lot in a short time, this is a good choice. A double oven is better if you have high production needs. However, it doesn’t really bring out the flavour as well as other choices.

Gas is cheaper than electric but otherwise has the same properties.

Bread ovens can be good, but they’re big. If you’re going for catering like we are, it’s not ideal.

Wood-fired ovens are the best choice. These are the standard in Italy because the way it cooks the pizza brings out the flavours while still cooking at a good pace. The result is a quick pie that’s delicious and doesn’t take forever to cook and bake.

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