Pizza Catering Scarborough WA

We bring our mobile wood-fired catering oven
direct to you, no matter where in Perth.

Pizza Catering Scarborough WA

We bring our mobile wood-fired catering oven
direct to you, no matter where in Perth.

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Best Pizza Catering Service in Scarborough

Nobody will ever say no to an outdoor pizza party in Scarborough. The hard part is looking for a pizza catering service who can provide quality catering to make sure you and your guests are happy and satisfied. With Pizza Catering Scarborough, you can get the best pizzas complete with the appetizing aroma, color, and taste.

Wood-fired ovens are always better as they make the pizzas taste and smell better. Our pizza catering service just use wood-fired ovens in all our catering services. There’s a reason why pizza is one of the top 5 most popular food in the world. You can even mix and match your pizza depending on what ingredients you want. With Pizza Catering Scarborough we provide the oven, the fire, the dough, the ingredients, and we can help you realize your dream pizza.

You can take our catering service anywhere in and around Scarborough. Have a small kids party at Abbett Park? Maybe a small gathering by Brighton Beach? Doesn’t matter where the event is our pizza catering in Scarborough will be there.

Mobile pizza catering Perth

Family Owned and Operated

Pizza Catering Scarborough is owned and operated by our family. Passed down from generations to generations, what started as a small corner pizza store is now the #1 pizza catering service in Scarborough. Throughout the years, it has always been our aim to deliver quality pizza that puts a smile in our client’s faces.

We focus on the quality of our product and hand pick the best ingredients that are available locally. For examples the meats, the veggies, the cheese, etc. are the best that you will find on your pizza, and there is simply no compromise on quality.

We use a wood-fired oven because we know it will produce the best crisp in the dough and will help the toppings the right amount of doneness that people want in their pizza.

So when you have an event, you might go with Pizza Catering Scarborough. It’s excellent for things that aren’t big enough that you have to go with a full formal menu, but impressive enough that it’s not just another get-together.

What Makes us the Best Pizza Catering in Scarborough?


A lot of pizza catering services in Scarborough all claim the #1 spot but what truly makes a service the best? Why do we consider ourselves better than the competition?

  1. We only use the freshest ingredients. We believe freshness is the secret in creating the perfect pizza.
  2. We have top pizza chefs who can make the pizza for you. Our team are chock-full of expert pizza chefs whose aim is just to give you the pizza you want. They can also assist you in picking out ingredients for the pizza of your choice.
  3. We have top-quality ovens and tools that make pizza catering less of a hassle for you and your guests.
  4. We value your time and money so we arrive ahead of time and provide the best service possible to all our customers.
  5. We always aim to provide quality service at all times. We understand that accidents happen and certain unlikely situations may arise but we always do our best to ensure you and your guests have a great time.
pizza catering perth

Wedding Service

we can accommodate to large groups of people without taking up too much room at the venue. This makes our mobile services even more accessible, efficient & reliable.We create our magical pizzas with a broad selection of meats, vegetables, & other toppings including cheeses, herbs & more.

pizza catering perth

Home Parties

We bring our mobile wood fired catering oven direct to you, no matter where in Perth. We then set up our temporary kitchen and right in front of you create and bake our delicious Pizza’s however you like them.We’ll bring a wood-fired pizza right to your door and serve it to your guests the way the Italians make it.

pizza catering perth

Mobile Wood Fired Pizza

Mobile wood fired pizza catering is also becoming a very hot trend now days and is specially picking up pace in Perth. At Pizza Catering Perth WA or wood fired mobile ovens only need an hour or two to set up before the guests arrive and then from there wolah pizza.


Pizza Catering Perth WA’s mobile wood fired pizza is absolutely fantastic. The pizzas were so fresh and so delicious, everyone thoroughly enjoyed them, and were going back for more.
Damien Richards
The wood fired Pizza oven makes such a difference. We have used several caterers with not a whole lot of satisfaction, but Pizza Catering Perth WA absolutely nailed it.
Kelly Martin
The Pizza caterers were very friendly and accommodated us with everything we needed and much more. The taste was awesome, and it was the perfect food to share around at our event.
Sarah Jepson
I definitely recommend these guys. They were a hit with our guests and they left everyone craving more. The caterers were on reliably on time, were very friendly and provided some great atmosphere.
Chris Wilson
Would definitely recommend. With great food, great people and a great price we really couldn’t have asked for more. We loved it.
Mitchell Miro
Pizza Catering Perth WA have provided us with delicious wood fired pizza service several times now. There mobile service is hands down the best in Perth.
Wendy Austin

Quality Through The Years

Being in the pizza business for years taught us a lot of things. The best one is that quality trumps everything else. You may be popular for having the cheapest rates but if you can’t keep up with the quality expectations of your patrons then they will go for the competition.

While we always try to keep our prices competitive, quality is our #1 priority. What you serve (and the quality) can make or break an event. That’s why we use the best ingredients, the right tools, and professional chefs in all our catering jobs.

With Pizza Catering Scarborough, you can rest assured knowing your event’s catering is in the right hands. Your guests will leave the party happy and satisfied all the time.

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