Pizza toppings are a subject to some debate. Some people, even in the pizza catering Perth business, think pineapple is appropriate. Some people disagree with it and think the pies should have a minimum of toppings. A few might argue that anything more than cheese and tomato sauce is excessive.

Now, everyone has their own tastes. Pizza catering Perth has a few staples, these pillars that hold up the more experimental things. Pepperoni, chicken, mushrooms, onions, and more are standard.

What about the non-standard ones, though?

Anyone that’s had pizza catering, customized to tastes, has encountered one or two odd requests in their time. These are some of the ones that came across our tables.

There’s chocolate. On the surface, it makes a certain amount of sense. People love how pizza tastes. People love how chocolate tastes. Combining the two is a great idea, right?

Now, for some palates, this is not a good idea. The sweet and savoury combination won’t appeal to everyone. In some ways, you could look at it like a giant cookie if the crust is thin enough. You’re going to take away the cheese and tomato sauce, instead of replacing it with melted chocolate.

Peas are also an interesting choice, if odd.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with vegetables on pizza. However, peas are unusual in most parts of the world. Tomato, cheese, and pea pizza are eaten in some parts of the world, though. In other words, this one is more cultural than anything else.

We’ve all heard of four-cheese pizza. Now, who is interested in the very Russian four-fish pizza?

The selection of fish possible is as follows: sardines, tuna, salmon, mackerel. You’re going to get it served cold, which just makes it sound even stranger. However, as much as an acquired taste as it is, it’s still something that’s very popular in some parts of the world.

Last on our list would be macaroni cheese, which is a type of cheese that’s not what you use on pizza crusts.

In terms of structure, the pizza itself is normal. A slice, with the cheese right up to the border of the crust. It just happens to use cooked macaroni and cheese rather than other toppings options. It’s an unusual mixture and an acquired taste for most people.

In fact, we’ve found that most people who bite into it aren’t sure what to make of it. However, it’s something that people get used to fast, from what we’ve seen.

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